The table block can be very useful when you need to organize a lot of information on a page or in a post. This article will show how to add the table block and how to edit it. 

To begin, click Edit Page/Post on the page/post that you want to add a table block to, or create Add New if you are creating a brand new page/post. Check out this video to learn more about creating pages.

Once you are in the page editor, click the + sign to choose a block and look for the Table block - you can type in "Table" in the search field to find the block. 

When you add the Table block, you will be asked to fill in the number of columns and rows that you want - you can always adjust this later as well! 

When the Table Block is added, you can click anywhere on the block to open different editing options. Some of these editing options will appear at the top of the block, and some will occur to the right of the block. 

To add text to the table, simply click on the row/column that you want to add to and start typing! 

You can always add more rows and columns by clicking the Edit Table option in the edit menu above the block. Note, if you would like to insert a row before or after a particular existing row, you need to make sure you have clicked on that existing row in the table. For example, if you want to add a row after row C, you need to make sure your curser is in row C when you click "Insert row after" - the same goes for columns. 

Once you are finished creating and editing the table, click the blue Publish or Update button at the top right of the page to save your changes!