This article will explain how to embed YouTube video into sermons for websites that are using the Church Content Pro plugin. The end result will look something like below, depending on your theme: 

Let's get started! 

If you are not familiar with adding sermons to your website, please check out this article first. The steps below will build on the information in that article. 

Once you have created a sermon, on the edit page, find the video field (located at the bottom of the page). This is where we will add video to the sermon. 

Next, go to the YouTube video that you want to include, and click the "Share" button. 

Then, once the share options open, click "Embed" and copy the embed code that is displayed.

Once you have copied the embed code, go back to the edit sermon page and paste the embed code into the video field. 

Make sure to click Publish or Update at the top of the edit page and you are all set!