NOTE: this is for setting up Stripe in TEST MODE

First: Connect to Stripe

1. Go to "Donations"
2. Go to "Settings" under "Donations"
3. Go to "Payment Gateways"
4. Select "Stripe" 
5. You should see the "Connect with Stripe" button

Second: Copy your stripe webhook from your website

1. Locate the webhook URL and copy

Third: paste your Stripe webhook in Stripe 

After logging into your Stripe account: 

1. Toggle to "View Test Data"

2. Go to "Developers"

3. Select "Webhooks"

4. Select "+ Add endpoint"

5. Paste webhook URL in the "Endpoint URL" field

6. Select "receive all events"

7. Select "Add endpoint"

With the webhook properly pasted in TEST MODE, your screen should look like this: