Step 1: From the home page, select the "Customize" tab.

Step 2: In the Customize menu, select the "Widgets" tab

Step 3: Select the "Homepage Highlights" tab

Step 4: Now you are viewing the two current highlight boxes. Select which highlight box you would like to edit. For this example, the upper highlight box is being edited.

Step 5: 

Once you have selected the highlight box you would like to edit, the editing options will display: 

1. Edit the title of the highlight box.

2. Edit the description in the highlight box. 

3. Add a URL if you would like to link the highlight box to a different page (if this is added, when someone clicks the highlight box, they will be taken to the URL inserted here). 

4. Edit the image for the highlight box. (NOTE: the preferred size of the image). 

5. Make sure to click the publish at the top of the page when final changes have been made.