New to WordPress? Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a handy list of resources to get you started. Any tool is strongest in the hands of a person who knows how to wield it, and your WordPress website is no exception.

Five More Talents offers a half-hour webinar (above) that walks you through foundational knowledge for editing your WordPress site, including logging in, the dashboard, pages, menus, and widgets.


This YouTube video also explains some basics for getting started, including the dashboard, themes, adding new posts, and editing pages.

    WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction offers free WordPress training courses for beginners. There's an additional course available to purchase, but even registering for the free course will provide you with a broad base of understanding. Yoast offers three hours of instructional videos, although practicing and implementing them will take longer. 

    Free WordPress training: WordPress for beginners


Here’s a more in-depth look at creating new Posts with the newer block editor OR the classic editor. Then manage your work... and make it beautiful! This article offers handy pictures and walks you through the process.

    How to Add a New Post in WordPress and Utilize all the Features 

If you're still feeling skittish about the block editor, Yoast's training material promises to "take you by the hand and guide you through the process of creating and publishing content with the new block editor." They offer specific instruction, with videos, reading, and quizzes. It's also free.

    Brand-new free online training: Block editor training 


You want to add something to your website. What’s the difference between a Page and a Post

    What is the Difference Between Posts vs. Pages in WordPress 

Or check out this video, which delivers the same information (WordPress page vs post) in less than five minutes: 

    WordPress Post Vs Page


When you want to add pictures, videos, or audio—anything more than text—here’s how to use the WordPress Media Library.

    How to Use WordPress Media Library and Add Images 

This brief video allows you to watch someone using and explaining the media library: 

    Understanding the WordPress Media Library 


Footer. Slug. Tag. Do website terms confuse you? Consult a glossary, so next time an online tutorial uses language over your head, you'll be equipped to take action!

    WordPress Glossary Terms for Beginners