What is a Boom Bar?

The "Boom Bar" tool can be used to display various types of announcements and messages in an eye-catching, attention-getting way. Example uses of a Boom Bar include:

  • Promoting a special event such as a conference or retreat
  • Announcing a closing due to inclement weather
  • Displaying an inspiring "quote/verse of the week"
  • Asking website visitors for donations

Here's an example of a Boom Bar in action:

How do I create a Boom Bar?

For this tutorial, we will use the example of an inclement weather announcement.

1. Go to Boom Bar > Add New Bar

2. Give the Bar a title and input Bar Text

3. Under General Settings, the "best practice" is to make it a Global Bar and Closable 

4. Select how long you want the Bar to remain closed if the user chooses to hide the bar. The default settings of the other options are good.

5. The Display Conditions can also be left at their default settings

6. Finally, click on Publish to make the Boom Bar visible

7. Click on View Bar

Congratulations! You've created your first Boom Bar! If you've followed all the steps shown above, the finished product will look something like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

"I created a Boom Bar using the directions above. It is displayed when I am logged in to the site, but when I view my site in another browser or computer where I'm not logged in, no Boom Bar is displayed. How do I fix this problem?"

If this is happening, you probably just need to clear the website cache. To clear the cache, simply go to any Page or Post in the Dashboard and click the blue Update button. This will force the website cache to be refreshed.