Step by step instructions: 

1. Go to the Events tab

2. Click Add New 

3. Enter a name for the event (required)

4. Enter a description for the event if you would like 

5. Select a category for the event if you would like (this will help in organizing/searching for events) 

6. Add a featured image for the event if you would like 

Once steps 1-6 are complete, scroll down to the bottom of the edit event page. At the bottom of the edit page you will be able to edit the date, time and location for the event. 

First, editing the date and time for the event:

  • Start date: The day that the event will take place, or begin. (required) 
  • End date: The day that the event will end (only necessary if the event is longer than one day) 
  • Start time: If available/desired
  • End time: If available/desired 
    • Note the checkbox, if there are multiple events in a day, they will be organized on the calendar according to the time given to them. It is possible to give the events a time for ordering purposes without displaying that time publicly. 
  • Time description: If more detail regarding the time of the event is desired 
  • Recurrence: Use this option if the event will recur weekly/monthly/etc. 
    • Setting the Recurrence option to Weekly or Monthly will open further options that allow for details recurring instructions. For example, weekly on the same day of the week, the first and third week of each month, etc.
  • Exclusions: Once Recurrence is set, it is possible to choose dates to exclude from the recurring schedule. 
    • Example: if it is known that a recurring event will not take place on a certain date, that date can be specifically excluded. Additionally, the excluded dates can be adjusted if a recurring event is cancelled for some reason (weather, etc.) 

Now, editing the location for the event (optional fields)

  • Venue: choose the venue where the event will take place
  • Address: choose the address of the venue
    • Note the check box, it is possible to display a directions link with the address that will take users to a directions map. It is important to double check this and ensure the directions map is connected to the correct address.
  • Map Latitude and Longitude: these are necessary when displaying a map with the event for venue location purposes.
  • Map type: select the type of map you would like to display with the event
  • Map zoom: if displaying a map, make sure it is zoomed out far enough to show recognizable land marks (including interstates, main highways, etc.)
  • Registration URL - use if you have set up registration for the event. 

NOTE: once all edits are complete, make sure to click the blue Publish button at the top right of the edit page.