How to add a new sermon to your website: Once you’ve logged in to your Dashboard, navigate to Sermons.

Click Add New:

Type in the title. (I’m using a sermon from Rev. Jonathan Landry Cruse as an example.)

Click “Save Draft.”

Scroll down and click on Choose Audio....

Then Select Files…

Find the audio file you want to upload, then click Open.

It may take a few moments to upload. Once it does, click Select.

The file will appear in Sermon Media.

NOTE: If you would like to add a video (from YouTube, Vimeo, FaceBook, etc.) you can paste the embed code from the video into the Video field. Additionally, you can select a PDF (maybe sermon outline, sermon notes, order of worship, etc.) from the media library.

For detailed instructions on adding a YouTube video to a sermon, check out this article.

Once desired media is added, make sure to click Publish.

At this point, you can view the sermon on your website. Click View Post.

You (and your site visitors) can see the sermon title, play it, or save it to your computer.

You can also go back to edit the sermon: click Edit Sermon at the top of the screen.

Add the sermon’s original date: click “edit”....

...enter the date, and click Update.

You can also add a description, like the sermon's Scripture reference:

...or mark the topic, book, series, or speaker. Check the appropriate boxes, and make sure to click Update again once you’ve finished. It's important to note, selecting the topic, book, series and speaker will allow the sermons to be organized according to these selections. 

You can add an image to your sermon. Select Set Featured Image...

Choose the image you want from the media library, then click Set Featured Image. Make sure to click Update once you’ve finished.

If you click on View Post once you’re done, it should look similar to this: a full-fledged sermon uploaded to your site.

And that’s it!