1. Go to the Events tab

2. Click the Add New tab

3. Add the title for your event

4. Add an optional description for the event, and then scroll down for the rest of the settings for the event

5. Add the date that event will occur

6. If the event will be recurring, click "Add More Events" in the Event Series section. This will open the recurring options. Select how often the event will be taking place.

7. If desired, you can add exclusions to the recurrent event series (ex. the event may take place every Thursday, excluding Thanksgiving). 

Note: once this information has been added, you can scroll down further to add further optional information regarding the location of event, the event organizer, and the event website if there is one.

In addition, on the right side of the edit event page (see image below) you can add tags and select categories for the event. This will help organize events and make them more searchable on the website. A featured image can also be selected for the event on the right side of the edit event page. 

Once the event is completed, make sure to click the blue Publish button in the upper right of the page.